• "I work as a registered nurse in the ED.  I don’t always have my patient’s medical history or they are in too much pain to tell me. That’s why I registered with the PrEMISE® service. It gives me access to patient’s records as listed with MedicAlert Foundation®. Now I can provide the best care for my patients."

    Emergency Department Nurse
  • “I used the PrEMISE® app on the job and it’s a good thing I did. I needed to change course from my normal protocols after reading the patient’s allergies. The information from the PrEMISE® app helped me make a difference!”

    Mario Vargas, MICP
  • " I use the PrEMISE® app from MedicAlert Foundation® to access patient history during emergency care. This information can help me reduce potential medication and medical errors as I care for my patients".

    Dr. Robert Donovan
    Emergency Physician