Why Choose PrEMISE®

PrEMISE® gives you quick and secure access to a MedicAlert member’s Emergency Medical Information Record (EMIR®). During a medical emergency licensed providers, nurses, EMTs and paramedics rely on MedicAlert Foundation® to help improve patient safety and quality of care. Information provided to responders via PrEMISE is standardized through a joint collaboration with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

MedicAlert Foundation collects vital information as it relates to each individual patient. Information you'll find within PrEMISE may include; advance directives, allergies, medications, past medial, past surgical, implanted medical device information, diagnostic reports, plus more. The application can help reduce potential medication and medical errors and improve the quality of care for your patient.

Privacy of patient data is very important to MedicAlert. That is why we require a registration account for each healthcare provider or EMS professional as it identifies the user who accessed the record in an emergency. Only those who have a current registration account with MedicAlert can access the PrEMISE® service. They include licensed physicians, nurses and EMS.